First version released! This is just the beginning.

So, this is my first devlog post on! 

Today I released v0.4 of Hypertrain . The release marks the start of the collective development phase of the game in which I plan to further develop and finish the full game with the help of the players.

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Some background on the game:

The game is inspired by Minority Report and takes place somewhere around 2070. You control this rollercoaster-like train across a highway network consisting of crazy loopings, corkscrews and such. You earn cash by transporting goods between settlements. Cash is used to upgrade your train (more wagons, more weapons and such) or upgrade settlements to make them produce more goods, which means more cargo to transport, etc. Your train can reach speeds up to 1000kmph, so driving takes some skill. 

Each train can build its own road segments. This allows you to get creative and build crazy rollercoaster tracks and such.

I'm now going to start working on the multiplayer part of the game.

Happy playing!


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